Dr Alex Plows
Independent Researcher and Consultant:
Ymchwiliwr a Ymgynghorydd Annibynnwr

“Alex has a wealth of experience in providing social and economic research within the North Wales region and has worked extensively in the areas of regional regeneration and sustainable developmentā€¦ Alex has already uncovered a range of interesting insights”
Shaping The Future

I have wide-ranging expertise in the field of regional sustainable development with a particular focus on Wales. I also have expertise in public engagement, for example public engagement with science and technology, and community engagement with climate change initiatives. I provide a range of services including:

  • Provision of Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) resources
  • Provision of tailored briefings and overviews
  • Primary qualitative research (eg interviews, focus groups) and analysis
  • Desktop research including policy reviews and Secondary Data Analysis
  • Project evaluation
  • Project delivery
  • Public and community engagement advice, methods and initiatives

I have a background as a sociologist and have substantive methodological expertise. I am a fluent Welsh learner. Mwy gwybodaeth yn y Cymraeg yn fuan!

I am expert in qualitative research methods and associated data management programmes, and in Secondary Data Analysis (SDA), for example SDA of labour market statistics. I am highly experienced in providing and presenting information and findings to a wide range of audiences and in many different formats. These range from user-friendly factsheets through to policy briefings and research reports, and academic papers.

I work for a range of public, private and Third Sector clients, for example providing Labour Market Intelligence for the Menter Mon project Shaping The Future.

I often collaborate with other consultancies, individuals, academics and agencies and am an Associate for the rural development consultancy Catalys and am also an Associate for the HR firm Penna.

I have over 14 years experience as an academic including working as a Research Fellow for the Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research, Data and Methods (WISERD) and as a Research Fellow for the Centre for the Social and Economic Aspects of Genomics (Cesagen).

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