I have worked with a number of Welsh Government and Unitary Authority departments and staff on a number of different projects, ranging from primary academic research, project evaluation work, and knowledge exchange. I have a good understanding of the key issues facing policy makers in Wales.

Public engagement: the policy context

Public engagement is very high on the policy agenda in national UK & Welsh Governments and at regional and local levels.

There is an increasing emphasis on consulting the public effectively, for example in order to:

  • improve service outcomes by learning from the public
  • enable and empower different sorts of public groups and communities to have a say in issues that affect them
  • understand what different public groups think about particular issues.

In Wales, the Welsh Government has a commitment to ‘citizen centred service delivery’. There are many innovative initiatives to incorporate this principle within the heart of services such as health and community regeneration.

I can provide strategic advice, briefings and other resources for policy makers, councils and others wishing to develop capacity in public engagement in specific contexts.