Project Evaluation and Delivery

I have many years experience in designing and delivering peer reviewed academic research projects and have expertise in a range of different methodologies and in data management and analysis. I particularly enjoy “mixed methods” research; combining,for example, background Secondary Data Analysis and desktop research, with questionnaires and with primary qualitative research.

I am highly experienced in communicating research aims and objectives, and findings, to a wide range of different stakeholders, from vulnerable client groups to service deliverers to policy makers. I am experienced in methods for optimizing stakeholder/client engagement, capacity building, and feedback.

I am also experienced in delivering project evaluation, as a sole evaluator, or in collaboration with other colleagues and consultancies such as my current work as a Catalys Associate.

Project evaluation is an important aspect of project delivery. Done well, evaluation provides a framework for capacity building during the lifetime of the project and leaves a valuable legacy, identifying ‘best practice’ and ‘lessons learned’.

Please contact me to discuss your research needs. I am flexible and adaptable and can draw on a range of tools and resources to deliver research according to your specification.