Current Projects

Open Door project evaluation on behalf of the North Wales Advice and Advocacy Association (NWAAA).. The Open Door project’s core objective is “To provide advocacy and support for those people moving on from the Ty Llywelyn Forensic Unit into community living”.

In my role as a Penna Associate: the provision of a range of Labour Market Intelligence briefings and resources for the Shaping the Future project. The Shaping the Future project is providing funding and resources to enable the workers at Trawsfynydd and Wylfa nuclear power stations to retrain and reskill, as both power stations move towards decommissioning. Resources I am delivering include regular ‘breaking news’ and jobs updates, and sector- specific briefings of trends in the North Wales labour market, and skills and training opportunities.

In my role as a Catalys Associate I am working as part of a team evaluating Axis 4 projects in Ceredigion, Gwynedd and Powys.