Journal articles

  • Dobbins, T, Plows, A & Lloyd-Williams, H (2013, forthcoming) ‘Make do and mend’ after redundancy at Anglesey Aluminium: critiquing human capital approaches. Work, Employment & Society
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Research Reports

  • Plows, A + Lloyd-Williams, Huw (2012) ‘Responses to Redundancy at Anglesey Aluminium’ WISERD Research Reports Series (forthcoming)
  • Plows, A et al  (2011) ‘Dislocation, Dislocation, Dislocation? The Methodological and Ethical Implications of Anonymising Place’ in Coffey, A et al (2012) Anonymisation in Social Research WISERD Methods Briefing
  • Feilzer, M, Plows, A, Williams, K + Yates, J  (2011) ‘An Evaluation of the Womens’ Turnaround Service in North Wales’ National Offender Management (NOMS) Cymru (Restricted Access)

Consultation Documents

  • Plows, A et al (2006) ‘Should scientific researchers be allowed to ask women to provide their eggs for disease research? A statement of concerns in response to the current HFEA public consultation: Donating eggs for research: safeguarding donors December 2006

Conference Papers

  • 2011 European Consortium for Political Research 6th ECPR General Conference, University of Iceland, Reykjavik Cycles and Scales of Contention: Patterns of UK Climate Justice Action
  • 2011 WISERD Summer Conference, Swansea (with Burgess S) Place Shaping and Geographies of Participation and (with Williams K) Ghost Commissioners – Responsibility and the Revolving Door of Devolution
  • 2011 Social Scientific Approaches to Bioethics, Wellcome Centre, London. Guest speaker An accidental bioethicist: Researching public engagement with human genetics
  • 2010 ESRC Seminar Educational Futures, Ethical Challenges, London Knowledge Lab Guest speaker Bioscience, bioethics and hybrid educational futures
  • 2010 EASST Practicing Science and Technology, Performing the Social, Trento, Italy Unpacking public engagement with human genetics: An ethnographic approach
  • 2010 XVII ISA World Congress of Sociology: Sociology on the Move Gothenburg, Sweden Public Engagement with Human Genetics as Policy Practice and as ‘social Movement’ and (jointly with Mann R & Paterson C) Locating the “local”: Methodological Issues in researching of grass-roots civil society
  • 2010 ESRC Research Methods Festival Oxford (with Mann R) Convergence space: Researching civil society networks at the local level
  • 2010 WISERD Annual Conference Wales (with Mann R & Paterson C) Exploring the local life of civil society: A pilot study of a north Wales locality plus (with Burgess S) Stakeholder Perceptions of Place Shaping and Geographies of Participation and (with Feilzer M, Yates J and Williams K) An evaluation of the Women’s Turnaround Project in North Wales
  • 2010 BSA Annual Conference: Inequalities and Social Justice Glasgow Caledonian University (with Mann R) Emergent Hybridization? A Case Study of Grassroots Civil Society in North Wales
  • 2009 Genome Alberta and Genome British Columbia: The future of public participation: cultures, contexts and challenges Banff, Canada. Challenging [DNA] codes: Public Engagement with Human Genetics Outside the Policy Process
  • 2007 Wonbit: Women on Biotechnology Rome Egg Donation in the UK; Tracing Emerging Networks of Feminist Engagement
  • 2007 ISA RC47 Globalisation, Conflict and the Experience of Localities Rome Embodied and local resistance to genetic bioscience within the global ‘bio- economy’
  • 2007 4th CESAGen/CSG International Conference: Genetics and Society – Retrospects and Prospects, Royal Society, London
  • 2006 Gender Research Forum seminar Queens University, Belfast. Women in the Frontline? Feminist Issues in Genetic and Reproductive Technologies

Encyclopaedia Entries

  • Plows, A (2007) ‘Strategies and tactics in Social Movements’ in Anderson, G + Herr, K (eds) The Encyclopaedia of Activism and Social Justice, Sage
  • Plows, A  (2004) ‘The Donga Tribe in  Taylor, Bron (ed) The Encyclopaedia of Religion and Nature

Other Publications

Other publications include book reviews, press releases, newsletter and newspaper articles, website articles, open letters, and press interviews. Recent examples:

  • November 2011 In depth interview for special feature on rural depopulation, Daily Post 21 Nov 11
  • February 2011 Online article for science communication research centre ‘Observa – Science in Society’. Article The Emerging Politics of Human Genetic Technologies