Debating Human GeneticsPlows, Alexandra (2010) Debating Human Genetics: Contemporary Issues in Public Policy and Ethics London, Routledge

“This book makes some interesting observations and, while academic, it is accessible to a wider audience thanks to the generous inclusion of qualitative data”  Rosie Beauchamp BioNews 579

‘This book on human genetics and its multiple publics is a timely reminder that there are many different publics who engage with policy issues in different ways. It is an important contribution to our understanding of the  complexities of “engaging publics” and public engagement… It is a useful contribution to our broader understanding of biosocietal life.’ – Edna Einsiedel, Professor of Communication Studies at the University of Calgary, Canada

‘This title…is based upon research in the social  sciences amongst the scientists, technologists, patient groups, lobbyists and activists who are now arguing through both the potential and the implications of the new genetics. It is topical and certainly an antidote to those bioscience books that proclaim only the novel techno-fixes to humanity’s ills…the author…takes the reader carefully through the social contexts of stem cells and cloning, biobanks and databases, pharmacogenetics, genetic testing and screening, and then, pointedly, the social issues arising from the geneticisation of society, namely individual responsibility, informed consent and individual choice….the key emphasis is on the social landscape of human genetics – seeking to clarify for all partiesthe human contexts in which the debate needs to be better focused and better heard…’   Stephen P. Tomkins, Homerton College, Cambridge, UK, Journal of Biological Education book review.

Chapters in books

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